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On my dive number 60, about 7 months since I started diving, I saw a sea star walking and it was the turning point in how I see critters, so mesmerising. I also discover that the best video I made is when the critters let me film them.

Please Check out my journals, its where I share about my diving and the critters I find.

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People often ask what my settings are, or rigs are, or if I use a high-end camera. The easy answer is to tell them exactly what I am using but there is no guarantee those settings will produce the same result for you. I see settings as a combination of camera, light and the conditions on the day. 

I will share with you some skills of professional video production to help you understand what is affecting your shot so you can get the best out of the gear you have.



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Scuba diving has opened many doors that I never knew existed and I am excited to be a part of these projects.

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